Rut Meyersson

Designing for circularity, enabling people to live within the boundaries of our planet

The Sustainability topic has been on the agenda for a long time, yet overshoot day occurs earlier each year. How come we are failing to adapt and what role does design play? so why are we are not adapting?

Rut Meyersson sees Sustainability as a design challenge. By looking back on how we ended up in the era of wastefulness, we can redesign our systems, services and products to be sustainable by default.

As designers we have one the most important roles in guiding us towards the regenerative future we need. The climate crisis is brought about by humans, which means we can also reverse it. Instead of the traditional human centric design, Rut suggests exploring a planet centric approach.

In her session, participants will discover designing for circularity through Ruts circular toolbox and system change mindset. She will share circular design principles and examples of how to redesign for circular behavior.

Ruth Meyersson

Rut Meyersson is a business designer taught at Stockholm business school, hyper Island and the Service Design College.