Rie Scheuermann

Explaining AI when there's no time for explanations

Corti has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) that detects Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) for emergency calls. The technical feasibility and performance of the AI has been proven via several clinical studies and trials but how do you present and explain the complex AI to end-users who are operating under extreme time pressure in a high-intensity work environment?

In this session, Rie Scheuermann, Head of Design at Corti, will answer this question including her reflections on the design process, and a proposal for some overall principles to guide future design work.

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Rie Scheuermann

Rie have been Lead UX and Product Designer at Corti since May 2021 and is based in Copenhagen.

She firmly believes that design is first and foremost about solving users’ wicked problems and making the world a better place.