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Whitney Quesenbery

Storytelling makes research data come to life

We all love our user research data… but why is it such a struggle to use the insights we uncover to create direction for our project? Storytelling is the missing link, getting past charts and graphs to dig into data. Whitney will show how stories put research insights into context, communicate the entire user journey, show problems through the eyes of your users, and help you ask better questions to gain deeper insights.

Keynote slides

Whitney Quesenbery is the co-founder of the Center for Civic Design, doing groundbreaking research on democracy as a design problem. In her work with organizations like the National Cancer Institute, Open University, and Amtrak, she brings a fascination with people and an obsession to communicate clearly to her work. Whitney is an authority on gathering the user insights needed to design products where people matter. She has authored three books on the subject offering practical and innovative advice: Storytelling for User Experience, Global UX: Design and research in a connected world, and A Web for Everyone.