Where to stay, getting around, etc.

First time staying in Copenhagen? Are you wondering where to stay and how to get around? We’ll give you some quick info here.

Where to stay

Copenhagen has lots of hotels to offer. Some are fairly cheap, and some are very expensive. In general, Copenhagen is not cheap. Hopefully you’ll find something that fits your budget. We recommend a place in fair proximity to the metro because the venue is right on the M1 metro line.

If you want a hotel on a (Copenhagen) budget, you might find inspiration in the Guardian article “Top 10 budget hotels in Copenhagen”.

Alternative places to stay

Getting to the venue

The venue of UX Camp CPH is the IT-University of Copenhagen on the island of Amager. The easiest way to get there is by Metro – line M1. Get off at the DR-Byen station, walk 200 meters past the big blue box (DR Concert Hall), and you are there. Here is a metro map – look for the green line. You can go directly from the city center or from the airport to the venue.


Getting around

The public transportation in Copenhagen is a mix of busses, local trains (s-train or “s-tog”) and two metro lines. In most cases, it is the best way to get around. You will, of course, also find taxis, but they are rather pricey.

You could also try the Copenhagen way – bike. Some hotels have bicycles for rent. Ask in the reception if you want to get your own ride. Or perhaps you could ask on our Facebook page. There might be a local with an extra bike you can use for some days. If you are not used to riding a bicycle, this might not be the best way to get around. Not all bikers in Copenhagen are super friendly to new bikers.