It’s time to dig a bit deeper in the phenomenon UX Camp and how we are going to do it at UX Camp CPH. If you’ve never attended a UX Camp (or a regular BarCamp for that matter) before, the concept might seem a bit confusing. But there’s no need to worry. This might actually prove to be a unique opportunity for you to speak at a conference.

Quick note: Holding a session at UX Camp CPH is not a requirement (we will not force you on stage) but we invite as many of you to go ahead and give a talk, facilitate a discussion or what you might come up with. You might even team up with a colleague or someone you found via twitter, facebook or at the busstop.

There is one thing that makes an UX Camp special and that is the fact that the UX Camp is you! Without you there is no UX Camp. Unlike ordinary conferences you get to play all the parts of a conference. You are the the speaker, you are the listener, you are the critical part of a discussion that makes it interesting… You are the participator at every level.

So how does it work then? Do we accept abstracts like most academic conferences? No, we don’t do that either. We simply want you to show up at UX Camp CPH with your prepared session (if you have one) and we’ll ask the crowd if they would be interested in your session (no need to worry, most times they are). After you’ve “sold” your session to the crowd, we’ll put it on the sessionboard and you can call yourself “an official speaker at a conference”. It’s that simple.

The programme, broken down
We’ve been asked about the programme for the UX Camp CPH. And it’s a bit tricky to say how the programme will look like since none of the sessions have been planned yet. But we will still try to explain how we expect it to be like (the programme is not final, so changes might occur).

We’ll start the day at 9 o’clock by having a light breakfast (and a sign-in the first day) and then get on with the schedule planning at 10 o’clock. The schedule planning is what makes UX Camp very unique. As written before, the schedule is empty at the beginning of the day but before long it will be filled with your sessions. From then on the day looks pretty much like any other conference… and we’ll finish off the day with a great party. There will be a lot of breaks between the sessions but that’s done on purpose. We want you to interact with the other participants and experience shows that the breaks are excellent for that.

We expect the days to last from 9 to about 16. It’s a long day, but we promise you that you’ll have a great time.

Planning your session
So it’s time to start planning your session. We just want to give you a few “heads-up” in order to get started. We are expecting every session to last 45 mins – but – try not to throw a presentation for more than 30 mins. We want you to have plenty of time to discuss your topic and interact with the listeners.

Regarding the choice of language, we encourage you to plan your session in english. As we wrote in the post “Conquering the language barrier” we want to include everybody and it is almost certain that you’ll run into someone who doesn’t understand danish or swedish. So plan for an international crowd.

We encourage unusual, fun, spacey, or just plain mad session but it’s no requirement of course. But UX Camp CPH is a great place to try out an unconventional way of giving a presentation. We also want workshops! We acknowledge that one session slot (45 mins) might be too short for a workshop, so if you need more time – we’ll figure it out. You might want to let us know if you’re planning a workshop – give us a buzz on twitter or by mail.

Call for great speakers
If you know someone who’s a brilliant speaker that you want us to persuade to attend UX Camp CPH, please let us know. It doesn’t have to be someone from the UX community as long as they can relate their topic/profession to UX…


Happy planning and we’ll see you in April.