As you probably already know, we are kicking off UX Camp CPH 2013 with a Bootcamp on March 7. The purpose of the Bootcamp is to get the conversations started and hopefully inspire you to give a talk, moderate a workshop or what ever you might come up with.

The Bootcamp is a great opportunity to say Hi to the UX Community, spend an afternoon with great people and hopefully extend your network. The atmosphere of the Bootcamp is strictly informal and everybody interested, are welcome to join us.

We’ll meet on March 7 at 17:00 and the programme for the afternoon will be part workshop, part discussion groups.

Programme for UX Bootcamp

17:00 – Meet up time

17:15 – Welcome and latest gossip about UX Camp CPH

17:30 – Workshop session

18:15 – Your expectations and pitches for UX Camp CPH

18:30 – Networking

19:00 – Thank you and see you all at UX Camp CPH


One  more thing:  The main Bootcamp will be held in Copenhagen, but… We were contacted by one of the passionate UX people from Aarhus, Kim Nørskov, who wanted to throw a local Bootcamp and at the same time kickstart the local UX Community in Aarhus. Of course we can’t say no to that, so here’s a bit of breaking news: UX Bootcamp – Aarhus Edition!! Programme, atmosphere and spirit of the Aarhus Edition is the same as in Copenhagen. We encourage everybody from the Aarhus region to attend and help Kim Nørreskov in his effort of kickstarting the local UX Community.

The venue for the Aarhus Bootcamp will be at Mjølner Informatics A/S, Finlandsgade 10 – 8200 Aarhus N.

Linkedin group for the Aarhus community:


That’s it for now. We hope to see you on March 7 for the Bootcamp and of course for the UX Camp itself.

Wrap up:

UX Bootcamp – March 7 @ 17:00. 

Free to attend

Aarhus: Mjølner Informatics A/S, Finlandsgade 10, 8200 Aarhus N

Copenhagen: CBS – Kilen, Kilevej 14, 2000 Frederiksberg