To participate in UX Camp CPH 2018 you’ll need to buy a ticket via an Eventbrite link when tickets are released on (date to be announced) at noon CET (DK-time). You’ll need to be fast since the number of tickets is limited and the demand is high. Last year the tickets sold out within the first few minutes!

Only one ticket can be bought per person.

How much?
The event is primarily supported by our generous sponsors. The tickets are, however, sold with a price tag to add a level of commitment to the registration, and to limit the amount of no-shows. We would be sad to see empty seats while turning people away at the ticket stand.

If you get a ticket and cannot attend the camp, please let us know or pass it on to someone else, so we all can enjoy a fully booked event – The more, the merrier!

What’s included?
A ticket will give you access to both days of the camp. This includes food and coffee for everybody during the camp and entry to the dinner and party on Saturday evening (Wow, amazing stuff, huh?!).