Sjors Timmer

Sjors Timmer

Space as a medium for interaction design

In the past 50 years computers have infiltrated the work environment to the point where there’s hardly a job left where they are not used. In the process, however, a rich continuum of understanding the world through sound, touch, spatial interactions has been flattened to pictures behind glass that are either manipulated through mice or touch interactions.

New technical developments such as augmented reality and spatial computing offer the opportunity to rethink how we can incorporate our body in knowledge work. To do this successfully we have to let go of design concepts that have been developed for a world of flat screens and start over with designing for digital spatial interactions.

Building on the work of Paul Dourish on embodied interaction design and David Kirsh on the use of space for cognitively demanding tasks I discuss a framework for thinking about and designing for spatial interactions.

Keynote slides

Sjors Timmer is a Senior UX designer at Designit in Berlin.