The UX camp is coming up shortly and maybe you´ve already begun considering how you should put your mark on the event and contribute to making the camp an amazing experience for everybody. Perhaps you´re thinking about running a session or workshop, but you´re still unsure what the topic should be and what the approx 300 camp participants are interested in.

For inspiration check out this Wordle over topics of interest extracted from the UX Camp CPH participants registration forms:

More clear on your topic now? We´d love to hear about your idea, so why not post it here in the comment section and see what people think? This could also be a great way of finding people to do a joint-session.

Happy preparation…


  • Peter says:

    I was thinking of presenting on the concept of “getting lost” and its relationship to an ‘anti-ambivalent agency’ approach to user engagement.

    Teaser(?) here:

  • I only discovered this post today – or well discovered that there was a thread for planned preperations. And theres 1 comment? Impressive…

    So the thing I’m working at, for the time being, is establishing a weboptimization cycle. Basically its a form of systematic approach to improving websites, like iterative UX, but with a more “data-based” foundation and a focus on qualifying decisions rather than basing them on opinion.
    I wrote a danish blog post on it here:

    What will be new (in relation to the blogpost) is more concrete ideas to hands-on tasks that will support the cycle and real-life examples of a cycle.

    I think its relevant for all of us who works with improving websites on a daily basis.

    /Ole Gregersen

  • Lene Leth Rasmussen says:

    UX camp workshop: Mobile UX in China

    China is developing rapidly and so is the UX field in China. Attend my workshop about mobile UX in China at the UX camp to hear facts and anecdotes from the far east.

    Through my work as a UX designer in Nokia Beijing, and through business trips in China as an owner of the agency, Loop UX, I have learned something about mobile UX in China. I would like to share some of my learnings with you at the UX camp.

    Maybe you are interested in working in China, in finding Chinese clients, keeping ahead of Chinese competition or just staying up to date on the UX field in China.
    In my workshop I plan to talk about living and working in China as a UX designer.
    I will introduce you to the most important companies in China in terms of mobile UX, including mobile industry players and UX agencies, Chinese companies as well as non-Chinese companies doing mobile UX in China.
    Furthermore I will talk about the development of the UX field in China, the UX community and its most important events.

    About me:

    My name is Lene Leth Rasmussen. I run Loop UX, a user experience company specialized in user studies including prototyping and redesign. Loop UX’s focus is mainly on mobile UI for emerging markets. See cases from India, Brazil, Kenya and Tunisia at
    Before founding Loop UX I worked as a principal UX designer at Nokia in Copenhagen and Beijing.
    I have lived in China for longer periods of time and travelled much in the country for pleasure and work. Through my work I have met many people from the mobile UX industry in China and hereby gained valuable insights into the field.