Party venue

The party venue for 2019 has not been revealed yet. Below is the venue from 2018.

Party venue 2018

The party will be held at Game (google maps), which is the same place as last year. It is rather easy to get there. Walk, Metro, S-train, and walk – then you are there.

  • Walk 200 meters to the DR-Byen Metro.
  • Take the Metro to Vanløse and get off at Nørreport Station, the 4th stop.
  • Take the S-train from Nørreport Station to Høje Taastrup and get off at Carlsberg Station, the 4th stop.
  • Walk about 300 meters to Enghavevej 82D.

We have made a graphic to guide you. And ‘Hey’. We hope to see you at the party. It will definitely be one of the highlights.