Keynote speaker 2017

John Zeratsky

The Design Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days

Learn why even the biggest projects need a shorter design process. In this talk, bestselling author John Zeratsky tells the story of the Design Sprint, a step-by-step method combining strategy, design thinking, behavioral science, and user research. With stories and illustrated examples, he’ll explain the unconventional wisdom behind the Design Sprint—and show how any team can use the process to find innovative solutions and try risky ideas fast.

John Zeratsky is the co-author of Sprint and a design partner at GV, where he has run more than 150 sprints with startups like Slack, Nest, Medium, and Pocket. Before joining GV, he was a design lead at YouTube and an early employee of FeedBurner, which Google acquired in 2007. John has written about design and productivity for Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and Wired. He also created Time Dorks, a newsletter about making good use of time, with Jake Knapp. Originally from rural Wisconsin, John now lives in San Francisco with his wife.