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Elizabeth Jochum

Robots, Art, People & Performance: Designing for creative collaboration between people and machines

Dr. Elizabeth Jochum is an Associate Professor in the Research Laboratory for Art and Technology (RELATE) at Aalborg University.  Her research is situated at the intersection of robotics, visual and performing arts and human-robot interaction. She co-founded the Robot Culture and Aesthetics (ROCA) research group and the Robots, Art, People and Performance (RAPP) Lab together with the University of Canberra.

Dr. Jochum has contributed to the humanoid robot project Geminoid DK and coordinates the EXACT (Exoskeletons, Art and Choreographic Training) project. Dr. Jochum is a faculty member of the ERASMUS European Masters of Excellence Program in Media Arts Cultures, a member of Aalborg U Robotics, and serves on the editorial board of Global Performance Studies and a Guest Editor for Frontiers In the Art of Human-Robot Interaction: Creative Perspective from Design and the Arts.