5 ways to be an awesome camper

In a way UX Camp is like a blank canvas. It invites you to have fun and explore. It’s up to you, what you get out of it. We want you to get the best out of your time at UX Camp Cph.

At a ‘normal’ conference you have a fixed program and you can sit back and let things come to you. Your role at UX Camp is a bit different. It’s more a game of give and take.

We put together 5 tips to prepare you for the camp. We hope that they will inspire you to camp in a way that makes it a great experience for you and your fellow campers.

1. Make new friends
During the camp you will meet a lot of people. It can be overwhelming – especially if you are a bit of an introvert. Consider a good conversation starter: “Hey! Is this your first camp?” or “Which sessions do you plan to attend?”. Meeting likeminded people is an important aspect of any UX Camp.

Perhaps you are going with a friend or colleague. Perhaps you are going on your own. Try to open up. If there is a group activity, it can be tempting to turn to people you already know. But why always take the easy option? Talking to a new person will probably give you new views on the matter at hand. And we’re all responsible that no one (involuntarily) sticks to their own.

2. Be open and take part
The sessions are a cornerstone of the camp. The quality depends on the session hosts… and on you. If the host encourages you to ask questions, then take them at their word.

If there’s something you would like to discuss in detail, just go up to the session speaker and ask. It’s very likely that they would like to elaborate over a cup of coffee or cake. If you don’t have a question, you can even just say “thanks – great job”. That’s also a part of the camp.

3. Remember to have fun
Do more of the things you like. At the session planning you will notice that there are a lot of different sessions you can attend. You don’t have to think about what your boss would like you to do. Follow your heart and interests.

During the camp there will also be breaks to digest the things you have learned. Consider drawing a picture of your newly gained knowledge or perhaps just do a doodle on your nametag. That drawing might just stimulate your way of thinking.

4. Be a great guest
Just like Christmas – no one expects you to do the dishes or prepare the meal. We have some awesome camp volunteers helping to carry the load of running a smooth camp. You can do your part by putting your trash in the trash bags, recycling your bottles properly, and generally tidying up when you leave a room or a table. You’ll add to the UX love!

5. Turn your session into a firework
In addition to all the UX stuff, we will also present some nice music for you on Friday and we will throw a party on Saturday. We are sure that it will be more fun than changing diapers or gardening. We hope you will stay with us for the entire camp. Dance with your feet or your words during the “Beer and music” on Friday evening and the party on Saturday. The leisure time is a great opportunity to socialize.

Twitter is another way to reach out. Think about a tweet like: Life is great at #UxCampCPH – wonder if I am the only person from Poland / the only yogi in the village / the only one interested in discussing accessibility. The camp is just as much about the conversations in the breaks as the in actual sessions. You can also use Twitter to reach out before the camp. The camp starts right here … #HaveAGreatCamp